Another one in the books in Atlantic City, New Jersey! Here is our third acquisition in Atlantic City, which we closed on in late 2019.

We like this location, just outside Gardner’s Basin near the Light House. The previous owner had started a renovation, but we undid a lot of his work, so the result was another gut renovation of the interior.

Construction concluded at the beginning of 2021, at which point we began furnishing the house for use as a vacation rental.

This property is very similar in size and layout to our first purchase. This one, however, offers two added perks: (1) it’s fully detached, which allows natural light to enter the building from all sides, and (2) the first floor features high ceilings, which makes the space feel larger.

This house was one of our first vacation rentals placed into service. It took a lot of work to prepare for the big day, but we’re pleased with the result. We’re now nearing the 20-property mark!